Now, you can unlock your BDX Performance Programmer or your X4 Performance Programmer through the SCT website as a new self-service feature 24/7, no call needed. 

It only takes 3 simple steps:

1. Click here for the page

Enter your device serial number and payment information.

Check your email for update instructions. 

That's It!

Why Would I Need an Unlock for my SCT Device? 

An unlock should only be purchased when your device is either
married/installed on a vehicle and you are no longer able to return that vehicle back to stock, or if your device is out of the three-vehicle unlocks. Remotely unlocking your device does not add any additional features to your BDX Performance Programmer or X4 Performance Programmer.

To learn more about unlocking your device, visit our help page.
The X4 Performance Programmer part numbers include:
7015P, 7015PFS, 7015PSR, 7015PE, 7015PID, 7015PBE, 7015PV, 7015PBD, 7015, 7015FS, 7015SR, 7015E, 7015ID, 7015BE, 7015V, 7015BD

The BDX Performance Programmer part numbers include: 
 40490, 40470AFE, 40470AM, 40470FST, 40470IDM, 40470ULT, 40470VMP, 40470MPT, 40470REV

Click below to download the Remote Unlocks FAQs

Remote Unlock FAQs  

or check out the infographic below


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